Boss Up to Bliss Out
with Robyn Savage & Jaclyn Shaw
5-Month 2:1 Business Coaching Program
for Female Entrepreneurs ready to create a knock out brand and get rich!

Hey Goddess! 
We're talking to YOU!
We know business can be demanding, tiresome, and competitive.

We were there once too. 24/7 hustling, still not making any money, and emotionally defeated by our business.  
But all it took was saying YES just one time to make the changes our business needed to start making money and growing in alignment with our vision.  

5 months is the EXACT TIME it took us to go from $0k - $40k months, to hire a team, to build a business that makes money while we sleep.

We're about to teach you the exact steps we took to quadruple our income in 5 months and build a multiple six figure business in under 1 year.  

You can have it all, you're worthy of having it all...and we're going to show you HOW to have it all in life & business
In this 5 month 2:1 coaching program, 
you will:
get clear in your VISION
Identify your personal brand
Attract High Paying Clients
and Yes, get paid with more ease than ever before
over the next 5 months, you will:
  • Create a recognizable online brand 
  •  Convert an online following into high paying clients  
  •  Sell easily and authentically - make money while you sleep!
  •  Grow an engaged audience and make a positive social impact by spreading your truth through an aligned brand message  
  •  Fully automate your business so you can have a successful business AND a freedom lifestyle!
Working with Jak + Robyn has been a total game changer. I was lost and confused with how to get my voice heard in a way that felt authentic for me and my offerings.  
Two is always better than one and masterminding with them has completely changed the game for me - within our first month I created an income and most importantly clarity on my goals and how to reach them!   
Amy Allchurch
The Babe Squad
What You'll Get:
This includes:
  • WEEKLY COACHING CALLS  to develop strategies, build your brand, shift your mindset, remove money blocks, set sustainable long-term goals, and develop an intuitive action plan.
  •  UNLIMITED email support  to stay on top of your set backs, celebrate your wins, and keep you accountable
  • LIFETIME access to the GirlTribe membership area full of trainings, how to vidoes, audios, workbooks, coaching resources and business building tools to guide you through every aspect of building a BADASS ONLINE BUISINESS.
  •  Content & copy editing and review by Robyn Savage, Branding Expert & Queen of writing copy that sells 
  •  Creative design of a HIGH CONVERTING opt-in page + thank you page to grow your email list and facebook group
  •  CLONED copy of our TOP SELLING SALES FUNNEL for you to use to sell your kick-ass, high level progrm
  •  Run your first Instagram/Facebook Ad FOR FREE to start converting your cold audience to a hot audience - ready and willing to purchase from you
  •  Get our nurture sequence template to get your audience to fall in love with you and open their wallets in 5 days
  •  COMPLIMENTARY access to our BluePrint to Riches program  - a group coaching program & Facebook group full of focused female entrepreneurs to collaborate, network, and learn from
  •  Access to our private mastermind Facebook Group
This program is so damn special! So forgive us if we gush a little too much, but you MUST know how we're about to change your life...

For 5 months, you get complete access to TWO expert coaches for the price of one. SWANKY.

Boss Up to Bliss Out is your opportunity to work with TWO mother-bleeping Queens of business & abundance who’ve done it all. We’ve worked the corporate jobs, we’ve started (and closed down) one or two businesses, we've gone from not selling to SOLD OUT.

We created a biz that went from $0 - $250k in 11 months

Wherever you’re at, we’ve been there. And we sure as hell didn’t get here alone. 

You don’t have to either.

Between the two of us, we cover ALL THINGS BUSINESS:
• branding 
• shifting your mindset 
• tech implementations
• automation of your business functions
• sales funnels and landing pages
• facebook ads
• social media training

We're different because WE'RE REAL AF. 
You will make MONEY + Become a queen of PLEASURE + have a ton of fucking FUN when you SAY YES.
We believe growing YOUR business doesn't have to SUck.
We have FUN! In fact, growing your business should be an experience full of pleasure, freedom, and total alignment. (YES - we will teach you how to prioritize pleasure.) 

We focus directly on revenue generating activities that will actually grow your income and build your 6+ figure business within the next 6 months.
You will learn the exact technical techniques and brand building skills we used to triple our income in ONE MONTH!
We will make it easy.  
In 5-Months You Will...
  •  Get clear in your business vision to erase any confusion and misalignment to stop wasting TIME & MONEY.
  •  Stop playing small! Shift into an expert mindset so you can serve your clients courageously and start earning your WORTH.
  •  Break up with the beliefs that are keeping you broke! (hint: you'll never say the word 'broke' again!)
  •  Clearly DEFINE your personal brand to create an emotional connection with your clients that motivates them to BUY!
  •  Create powerful brand stories to clearly communicate WHO you are and WHAT you are offering - releasing ALL self-limiting beliefs holding you back from SERVING your audience
  •  Identify your dream client and learn how to ATTRACT them (stop the hunt for paying clients, they will find YOU!)
  •  Get clear on your offerings, packages and products and learn how to price them properly to exceed your INCOME GOALS
  •  Learn how to implement technical hacks that will change your business and your LIFE (aka, automate your biz to create more free time and less hustle) 
Working with Jak + Robyn has helped me get super clear on who I am, and what I have to offer, and how to package and get it out there into the world.

They've also been super helpful in helping me clear up, and become aware of, all of the different stories I have around money. And how that may be blocking me from making more money and feeling good.

Can't say enough how wonderful they are!!! 
Anna Hartman
Movement Rev
Here's a breakdown of what we'll cover - these are our areas of expertise! 
  •  Saying Yes & Pressing Go - In this 7 day course you will learn how to let go of self-limiting beliefs and commit to a long-term love affair with your highest self!  
  •  GirlTribe Daily Planner - This sweet little tool will change the way you organize your days, share your gratitude and show up for yourself 
  •  Identify your core brand values, mission statement, and brand message 
  •  Understand who your brand is here to serve and how you are going to serve them
  •  Write brand stories to create an emotional connection with your future clients 
  •  Learn to connect with your audience in a heart centred way so that your brand is aligned with who you are

  •  Develop content that deeply resonates with your audience and speak directly to the souls of those who need you
  •  Stay consistent with your brand messaging to ensure your audience can rely on you, know where to find you, and can easily buy from you
  •  Become vulnerable in your business so that your audience truly gets to know YOU - create the like, know, trust factor 
  •  Learn how to engage an online community so that you're touching hearts and creating connections (build a warm audience) 

  • Set up email automation to save time and create consistency in your communication strategy
  •  Create a custom social media calendar and learn how to schedule social media to free up creative time
  •  Get access to our exclusive 'Content Archive' template to easily repurpose your content 
  •  Free yourself from getting caught up in the daily operations so you can spend your time & energy in your zone of genius, get visible infront of your dream clients and become the queen of pleasure in your life + biz (yaaahhh we’re gonna teach you how)
  •  Get the exact sales formula we used to have our first $42k month and sell out our programs
  •  Run your first Facebook Ad for FREE! Get your offerings out there and book your first paying clients!
  •  LEARN an effective income generator 
  •  Define your area of expertise

  • Develop a Freebie/Opt-in that converts your cold audience to raving fans designed for you. This will attract your dream clients, grow your email list, build your like, know, trust factor and instantly create a steady stream of clients.   
  •  Get access to our Nurture Sequence template to get your audience to fall in love with you & ready to buy from you in 5 DAYS (the secret ingredient to get high paying clients who are ready to buy from you)
  •  Build a complete sales funnel that includes opt-in, tripwire, webinar to scale your business to six figures with an effortless client enrollment process
  •  Confidently host your first webinar or workshop to sell your offering in a way that feels good, is in total alignment with your brand and turns your audience into paying clients

  •  Get to know yourself as a defined business woman so you can own your biz & brand with confidence
  •  Let go of old money stories that have been holding you back so you can make space to receive 
  •  Close on sales calls confidently and without fail - book every single client you get on the phone!
  •  Guided meditations to remove blocks and continue letting go of self limiting beliefs
  •  Access our 7 Steps to manifesting so you can start to create your dream reality 

  • Bundle your expertise to create offering(s) that serve with purpose and attract the right paying clients 
  •  Get clear on your packages and products and learn how to price them properly to exceed your INCOME GOALS
  •  Define your dream client to create offerings that resonate with the people who are ready to buy from you
  •  Learn how to create the perfect cost structure - low, medium, and high-level offerings to appeal to all markets so you can make money while you sleep

  •  Learn how we built our strong online presence to turn Instagram into our highest paying platform
  •  Start using Facebook as an advertising tool that actually sells (stop guessing!) 
  •  Get expert advice on web design and development so that your brand message is clearly defined through your website/blog
  •  Implement our favourite social tools to help you build an engaged audience 

  • Implement the launch Schedule that allows us to have $40k months in our business
  •  Learn how to utilize attraction marketing and sell from a place of service
  •  Gain confidence coaching potential clients through their blocks BEFORE they start working with you (without giving up your time) so it makes it a no-brainer to say yes to your offer.
  •  Get the exact techniques we use to close with ease, without feeling “salesy” or gross

  •  Set a consistent call schedule to keep you motivated and accountable to do the work
  •  Check in points throughout your business development to ensure your mindset is expanding with your business - stay aligned with growth 
  •  Set clear boundaries and non-negotiables to ensure you are able to show up fully every single day and create healthy work habits that sustain long-term success
  •  Be accountable for each goal you set for yourself so you can actually achieve them!

Working with Jak + Robyn completely shifted everything for me in my life and my biz.

Within 3 days of saying YES to working Jak + Rob, I had 3 people who I had never met before contact me over Instagram to host some workshops with them.

Ever since then, I've had so many amazing opportunities come to me. Doing the soul work, biz work, stepping out of my comfort zone, and taking the coaching and guidance Rob + Jak have to offer has helped me get super laser focused, and been the catapult for me to begin living and breathing in my business and touch the people I want to work with!
Kari  Winton-Russell
Owner & Founder, Goals & Grapes
Jaclyn & Robyn are the perfect mix of ass kicking and inspiration. My dreams and goals have gained new clarity giving me the passion and drive to be fearless. These babes really know how to light a fire under my ass creating limitless growth in my biz & life.
Lauryn Marion
Ontario, Canada
Hi! We're Robyn & Jak!
We help women like YOU create a personal brand and connect with your audience from a heart-centred place to make money with ease. We'll bust through your money blocks to you turn your passion into profit, and implement technical automations to get your
business working FOR you.  
Yes - this is possible! We were you once, not so long ago.
We were hustling 24/7 trying everything and anything to get our message heard in an oversaturated consumer’s world.
And we were failing, tired, and BROKE.
And then we created MASSIVE SHIFTS and implemented KEY tools that took us from earning an income that was barely there to $250K in less than a year!
Now we’re gonna show you how to do the same.
I refer to Jak + Robyn as my business Angels. 

Working with Robyn and Jaclyn has been such an amazing experience. I've experienced more profound breakthroughs and uplevels in the short amount of time working with these two than any other program or course I've taken before.

Their guidance and support has helped me to finally step into my purpose and passion and I am forever grateful for that.

For anyone out there pursuing a passion based buisiness - whether it's coaching, or fitness, yoga, or art, whatever it is, if your soul is in it, and if your passion is in it, and you need a little bit of guidance, these are definitley the ladies that you want to have your back.
Taylor Ciampi
The Soulful Hippie
We've got a few MORE special gifts JUST FOR YOU when you join!
This workshop will teach you about how money really works. Clear your money blocks by revealing past money stories & letting go of self-discriminating beliefs.

You will learn the exact steps we used to: 

>> Triple our income in one month 

 >>Retire from the hustle and become Queens of Pleasure 

 >> Identify old money stories holding us back from getting rich! 

And teach you how to give your money purpose, how to take responsibility for your money, and how to receive more openly from the Universe!! 
Get connected with the Universe and manifest your deepest desires with our 7 day Dreams & Co. course.

In this course you will learn that you don’t have to do it alone!

Dreams & Co. will guide you through the manifesting process and help you align yourself with the Universe to co-create your wildest dreams.

You will begin to manifest magic and miracles into your life with our 7 Steps to Manifesting.
Do you feel like you are spending time + energy on social media, but your following + engagement seems to be at a standstill??

With ever changing rules + algorithms it can be confusing AF, but don’t worry girl we got ya covered. 
You are gonna get our step by step video tutorial to show you how to grow your instagram audience with ease and create authentic engagement with your ideal customers!!

We will also give you our hottest tips to get visible on facebook and grow your reach organically!! 
You & Your dreams deserve VIP support
Jak and Robyn have over 15 years of combined buisness experience between the two of them.

They also walk a deeply spiritual path. 

The support they provide is holistic.

It touches on everything.

It's rooted in balance. 

And it's all meant for YOU.
1:1 with robyn:
  •  Break down your brand messaging piece by piece to ensure your brand stories, aesthetic, message, and vision are all in alignment
  •  Language coaching - learn how to write copy that touches your audiences hearts and converts to viewers to paying clients
  •  Establish why your brand is UNIQUE and why YOU are the only one who can change the world with your voice and message 
2:1 coaching with Robyn & Jak:
  •  Review your brand and identify your current blocks - we will implement strategic strategies to help you move through your blocks quickly and easily to get to the next level ASAP
  •  Expert advice on what’s missing in the foundation of your business and what’s holding you back from financial success and world domination (aka. living your truth)
  •  Time for both of us to analyze your business model, review your brand, and give direct feedback on what’s amazing and what’s lacking 
1:1 with jak:
  •  Clearly define your packages and outline your badass offerings 
  •  Price yourself to get rich and shift your mindset to know you’re WORTH EVERY CENT 
  •  Initiate sales funnels (click, click, SELL!), make money while you sleep
  •  Get hands on support to implement the tech steps needed to scale your biz (we’ll make it easy) 
  •  Automate the systems of your business so you can become the QUEEN OF PLEASURE 
Of course you would. 
This is your opportunity to make it happen.

Don't let fear fool you into thinking you can't have it. 
You can, and we will help you.

This is what is possible for you when you invest in AND believe in yourself.
We're here to believe in you more than you do right now, and get you exactly where we know you want to go.

We can’t wait to support you in your Goddess business and
make you rich!
Love, Robyn & Jak
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