Let That Sh*t GO
An 11 Day Course in Learning to Receive
with Robyn Savage & Jaclyn Shaw
Do you find yourself doing all the right things, but still stuck in the same damn cycles over and over and over again? Cycles like fights with your significant other, scrambling to pay bills, repetitive negative self talk, and comparing yourself to others?

You're ready to welcome new habits and healthier ways of living - more conscious, joyous, and alignd with the woman you truly want to BE - but it's not that easy.

We know, babe. We've been there. Done the work. It's a constant learning curve and willingness to uplevel...but more than anything, it's a readiness to LET GO. A surrender. A willingness to trust.

The next step for you is learning how to let go of the stagnant habits and patterns that are preventing you from levelling up, and surrendering control to the Universe.

Learning to trust so the Universe can (finally!) serve yo up some mega miracles.
It's time babe. 
This is what this Eleven days is all about.
I acutally wrote this course for myself. It was never meant for you, or anyone else, to see. I was on a beach, spending the month tuning in, and I quickly realized that in order to grow, I had to let the f*ck go. I was so spun up over controlling my circumstances, outcomes, and even the thoughts and actions of others that I couldn't move. I was stuck. SO I walked myself through ten days of LETTING GO.
letting go of:
  • Control
  • ​The need for (constant) approval
  • ​Comparison to other
  • ​The need for positive affirmation from others
  • ​Plans
  • ​Fear of failure
I realized how drastically my tendency to CLING onto these things was keeping me stuck and playing small (in my life, business, and relationships) and I needed a way OUT. I was so ready for MORE, but I had to shed the weight of old beliefs and patterns to take the significant steps forward that I was so ready for.

Does this sound like you? Ready to unbound yourself from the grips of control to allow a little flow and ease into your life? Ready to surrender to the grace of your feminine energy? Ready to uncover the beauty that exists beyond old childhood beliefs and stories?

Because it's there, babe. All the miracles, the abundance, the self-love, the laughter, the gratitude, and spontaneity, it's all there when you learn to let go and embrace it. Let it in.


So how could I not share this with you? The ten days that made me realize I don't need to control it all. The ten days that set me free and made me rich. The ten days that made me fall head over heels in love with myself and trust the universe loved me too.
These 11 days will support you to:
  • Let go of expectations and surrender to miraculous outcomes
  •  Let go of lack and scarcity mentality
  •  Let go of your ego/small minded self
  •  Stop trying so hard & forcing things
  •  Let go of needing to create happiness for others
  •  Let go of perfection
  •  Identify your core values
  •  Create roots & foundations
  •  Let go of material possessions
  •  Let go of habits
  •  Let go of the need for acceptance
What You'll Get Over the 11 days:
  •  10-days of guided journaling exercises that will prompt you to discover what you need to let go of. We will walk you through the step-by-step to uncover all that can be discarded to make space for NEW
  •  A guided visualization to see yourself in a new light. Use the powerful tool of visualization to release the image you hold of being stuck in your current role. You are a goddess, start seeing yourself as one.
  • Access to a private Facebook community for support and sharing of the miracles that start to happen as you begin to surrender to the Universe 
Hi, Goddess! We're Robyn & Jak!
Robyn is an advocate for authenticity, a working mama, an adventure seeker, a spirited entrepreneur, a writer and a leader in healthy living! Her personal mantra: to help every woman before and after her create lives they love! But let's get serious, it's not all rainbows and sunshine, and Robyn wants you to be able to see the beauty in life even when shit gets real.

Jak is a wildly passionate Soulpreneur + Manifesting Queen, who gave up living in one place to explore the world (okay, mostly beaches) with her young family. She is known for sharing love bombs, F bombs and truth bombs in her real af approach to life and biz. Deeply ingrained in her soul is the belief that every woman is able to show up brighter and give MORE when they take care of themselves first. "Do you know you're worth it?" is a question you will often hear Jak ask her clients and friends alike!
And now we're here to show YOU just how worthy of receiving miracles you are.
Would you change your smallest habits if you knew IT WOULD change your life?
Listen, we get it. Ditching the parts of ourselves that are so damn cozy and have gotten us where we are can be hard. They've been around for so long that they're like our best friend....

But - if you wanna receive in a BIG way, you gotta let that sh*t go, babe. And we're here to help you do just that. For good.
We can't wait to watch you get lighter and freer than ever before!
Love, Robyn & Jak
Ready to really dive deep into this work?
We created this course to pair with our 10-day course Manifest that Sh*t so that once you clear everything out, you can call in the things you want! 

Choose the bundle option on the sign up page to get both courses at a discounted rate!
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